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Medical Automation Solutions

Medical clinic software need to have a wide range of features in order to satisfy the needs of today’s medical clinics. While there’s an abundance of software solutions available on the market, the provided functionality needs to match up well with the needs of the practice.
Carefully analyzing the core functions, as well consulting on the process of implementation, can help medical clinics make more informed decisions and reap the most benefits from these systems. But while the ultimate goal of any medical clinic software is to reduce the time spent filling out paperwork and increase the time of patient interactions, there are many features that come with the best systems on the market.
Here are just a few that should be included in any comprehensive medical clinic software:



  • Complete Patient Profile
  • Digital Prescribing
  • Digital Clinical Record
  • Dental Record Keeping
  • Automated Patient Scheduling
  • Daily Automated Patient Appointment List
  • Patients Financial Records
  • SMS Notifications
  • Dynamic Administration Reports
  • Patient Dues Estimator

  • User Friendly
  • Timely Patient Care
  • Ease Day-to-Day Operations
  • Archive Medical Records
  • Automated Scheduling
  • In-House Billing
  • Pannel Patient Management


  • Doctors Management
  • Digital Patients Profile
  • Digital Patients Appointment
  • Automated Patients Schedules
  • Ward/Bed Management
  • Patients Appointment Reminders
  • Dynamic Administration Reports
  • Digital Prescribing
  • Pre-defined Medical Certificates
  • Clinical Financial Reports
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Billing for Pannel Patients
  • Claims Management

  • Ease Overburdened Staff
  • Practice Management
  • Timely Patient Care
  • Ease Day-to-Day Operations
  • Archive Medical Records
  • Automated Scheduling
  • In-House Billing
  • Pannel Patient Management


  • Patient Registration
  • Sample Identification
  • Patient Barcode
  • Sample Receipt Issuance
  • Multiple User Control
  • Samples Validation Flagging
  • Various Level of Approvals
  • Automated Reports Generation
  • SMS Confirmation
  • Secure Electronic/Email Reports Generation
  • Invoice Generations
  • Powerful Search Engine

  • Sample prioritization functionality
  • Extensive customer record keeping
  • A complete customizable solution
  • Auto generation of sample numbers
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Multiple users access
  • Extensive Financial Reports
  • Organized and easy backup facility

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